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The Pacific Northwest is experiencing the first heat wave of summer. As a result, my small un-air-conditioned home has become the antithesis of a comfortable, relaxing abode. Therefore, I have reverted to my favorite childhood summertime activity: reading on the floor in front of the box fan.

Growing up, I lived less than a block away from the local library. I would go there at least once a week and load up on all kinds of literature, from Francine Pascals’ Sweet Valley High novels to Charles Dickens’ classics to John Jakes’ North & South. I would pile my borrowed treasures on my bedroom floor and dive in for hours at a time while the blast from the fan whipped against my face.

Twenty-five years later, the books belong to my personal library but the scenario is the same. Today, I scanned my bookshelves for the books I’ve proverbially saved for a rainy day. The selections were C.G. Jung’s Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche, James Hillman’s Re-Visioning Psychology, Lucy Goodison’s  The Dreams of Women, and Joseph Chilton Pearce’s The Biology of Transcendence. They are not the varied tomes of my youth, but just as satisfying. I scattered them in a semi-circle around me and read a few pages of one, put it down, and scooped up another.

Usually, when I read books such as these, some type of academic intent is behind the enterprise. But today, I read for pleasure and fun. Jung made me laugh hysterically. Pearce put me on the verge of tears. And somehow my annoyance at the sweltering heat dissipated. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter, but who cares? I have books to read.


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